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The Syga Group is the commercial name of a Spanish business group that from the very beginning has been involved in activities such as real estate promotion, construction, proprietary investment and other general real estate services.

The Group was created in the 1980s and therefore it has an extensive experience in this sector where they strive to archive the best results and the highest quality in each and every one of the projects they take on.

The initial activities took place primarily in Malaga but afterwards they have expanded to other parts of Spain and internationally.

In 2006 the Syga Group set as a crucial goal to expand its business to markets in foreign countries, and as a result of this plan new projects were brought to life in Morocco, Libya, Costa Rica, Cape Verde, Venezuela, and to this day they keep on expanding.

Since the beginning the Syga Group has experienced a constant growth, it has a solid bases which has made is possible for us to safely handle times of uncertainty with the confidence to get through them reinforced.

The Group is made up of professionals with the proper training and a wide experience in the Sector and they are the best guarantee when it comes to carrying out our projects. One of the Group’s driving forces has always been to show the high quality in all that we do and with that achieving the efficiency, competitiveness and satisfaction of all our clients. To achieve this we carry out all our activities following a Quality Policy and General procedures that have been implemented throughout our organization.

From the very beginning the Syga Group has gone all in on excellence, transferring this to all our projects, from the gestation of the land to the architectural design, from the realization of our projects, to the attention and counselling we provide our clients with.

To trust the Syga Group is to trust in a stable company with projections for the future.